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Mountain Bike Halifax

Mountain Bike Halifax

The Ask

Established the summer of 2017, Mountain Bike Halifax is a volunteer-driven organization that strives to provide, preserve, and promote sustainable mountain biking in our community.

Volunteering on the founding team, we jumped at the opportunity to wrap this amazing initiative with some rad branding.

We worked with the association to help them establish a name, branding and a website to represent them moving forward. The association was in its infancy at the time; the Bylaws were being drawn up, the team was refining the immediate and stretch goals and needed a strong identity to help add legitimacy to the budding association.


The Process

We needed to select a name that was easy to remember, explained the purpose of the association and also had quality domain options available to stake a claim online. After a name was nailed down, we could shift our focus to the overall Art Direction.

Mountain bikers typically wear their gear until it’s in tatters before its deemed ‘replaceable’, they love the outdoors, and they aren’t shy about sharing their stoke for riding bikes.

We needed to create something that was timeless and flexible no matter what the application. This lead us into the direction of the traditional park patches, a timeless style that’s flexible and you can throw a little dirt on them, and it just adds character.


The Cure

We created a design system that can evolve with the association as it grows.

The logo embodies notable Halifax landmarks and trails just beyond the downtown core. Small rolling hills hint at the characteristics of Halifax trails while keeping it minimal and straightforward enough to represent all trails, not one in particular. The retro style emblem is timeless and will excel in all use cases whether it be in a digital format, on apparel, stickers or patches.

Having worked with Dose Media on previous projects, there was no question they would be our go to for the branding and website design for Mountain Bike Halifax.

We included a set of secondary elements that equip the association with everything they will need to put their best foot forward, no matter what the medium. Removing any barriers will make it easy to implement so all members can wear and share it proudly.

The association and the community was stoked with the final product and immediately started asking how they could get a hat, sticker, anything that they rock around town or on the trails.



Their collaborative approach, coupled with imaginative and leading-edge design work has created a versatile product with the potential to represent our organization through a variety of media.

Project Numbers

    Trail Meetings 
    Acronyms tossed 
    Stoke level 

We can’t wait to see this logo with some mud on it.

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