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Sugarloaf Bike Park

Sugarloaf Bike Park

The Ask

Sugarloaf Provincial Park is located in northern New Brunswick and is home to Atlantic Canada’s first lift-access mountain bike park. The bike park has seen steady growth since opening in 2008, but they were  hoping to elevate their entire experience. This will help Sugarloaf remain at the forefront as new bike parks crop up across the East Coast of Canada and the United States.

Dose was brought in to tackle the bike park’s branding first; that would lead the dance on refreshed merch, signage, photography, storefront design, as well as the whole online experience.


The Analysis

Mountain Biking as a sport has seen massive growth over the past decade, but in the past few years, it has really blown up. More people want to get outside and to have a vessel to do so. Sugarloaf has made it their mission to build the best trails with the renowned Gravity Logic crew; growing their park year after year to include a wide variety of trails that can appeal to any level of rider, from the newbie to the pro. Featuring over a dozen downhill runs ranging from green flow trails to double black techy gnar, they’ve recently rounded out their network to include cross-country singletrack, a skills park and a fresh pump track.

As resorts look for new ways to offer activities through all four seasons, many still don’t prioritize bike parks on the same level as their traditional offerings like snow sports. Often bike park intel is light at best and buried in a huge sitemap that’s intended to serve all their clientele, year around. Here lay the opportunity for Sugarloaf’s bike park to not only up their game, but become a leader in the space, tailoring an experience just for mountain bikers.

The Cure

We collectively decided to seek an art direction that would differentiate Sugarloaf from its competition. We wanted a style that would welcome riders of all levels, look incredible on merch, and have the ability to grow & morph into events and other seasonal activities within the park. Creating one cohesive look and feel that Sugarloaf could own.

Inspired by traditional park patches, we built a brand world that would feel timeless and engrained in the culture of mountain biking. The simple illustrated style could be translated into apparel and provide us with a massive kit of elements to utilize when creating marketing materials and flowing visitors through the website.

Working with Dose Media is a real pleasure. They’re also our clients, which makes them intimately familiar with our products, services, and most importantly our market.

We redesigned the online experience to streamline learning about the park and make it easy to purchase passes, rentals and find accommodations within a couple of clicks or touches. The site now includes POV video & photography of every trail within the DH park, breakdowns of what trails best suit your level of experience and make it easy to find.

Even through a pandemic which closed borders to much of their clientele, in the first year of the new brand launch merch sales tripled. Demand has never been higher for incredible places like Sugarloaf Bike Park that are seeing record numbers coming through their gates.

Project Numbers

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Sugarloaf is an incredible destination and one of our favourite places to be on a bike.

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