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Mountain Bike Atlantic

Mountain Bike Atlantic

The Ask

Mountain Bike Atlantic is an Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) Community of interest (COI) project. The Advisory Committee is made up of stakeholders in the Maritimes Mountain Biking community to ensure each region is represented. Their purpose is to build and promote Mountain Bike tourism in Atlantic Canada. With our tourism experience and passion for Outdoor sports, Dose was a natural fit to bring this to life. We were engaged in rolling out the branding, website, ad campaign, capture photography and video highlights of the critical trail networks.

The Analysis

We had the unique opportunity to build a tourism brand that was focused on just Mountain Bikers rather than the masses like most Municipal, Provincial or National projects mandate. Over the past few decades, different community forms and websites have led most of the conversation around Mountain Biking in Atlantic Canada, but this was an opportunity to do something different. This was a chance to bring clubs, organizations and builders together for the first time in a unified approach to promoting the sanctioned trails in the region.


Capturing quality media to showcase our terrain and variety of singletrack would be one of the best tools to put Atlantic Canada on the map as a Mountain Biking destination. This content would fill out the website, social channels and equip the organization with content for any future initiatives. Beyond building a library of assets, it would further collaboration between different networks and towns. The coordination of these shoots and community assessments helped foster these relationships that would ensure the sustainability of the project.

We had a short timeline to execute the full rollout of the branding, the website and capture media leading up to a fall Summit. Running stages of the project in parallel and ensuring we hit key milestones on time was crucial to the delivery.

Dose is always on point, and really dedicated to reaching for the highest quality of work.

– Sam Bosence, Mountain Bike Atlantic

The Cure

If you know any Mountain Bikers, you’ll know they’re a friendly group that is amped to share their stoke for the sport. We aimed to mix this mentality with Maritime hospitality and build an Outdoor tourism brand that felt energetic and approachable. We wanted it to feel like a reflection of Atlantic Canada that was more than just Lobsters and Lighthouses.

The Art Direction has a retro vibe that utilizes splashes of bold colours that contrast with one another to help it stand out. This palette would weave into photography and support our campaign imagery. The assets are a fun mixture of photography and folk art that come together to create a sense of playfulness and that good ol’ heartwarming East Coast hospitality.

The website and social platforms are the brands’ primary sources of inspiration for potential riders. We needed to capture quality assets of every network possible in year one. We hit the road and covered 16 networks before the fall summit, shooting photos and video highlights of each trail. It was a whirlwind chasing locals through their home networks, capturing GoPro footage and stills. We couldn’t have done it without them! These assets set the stage for the online experience through video loops, highlight reels and galleries that display the variety of terrain, features and accessibility that we have to offer anyone with a bike.

The website includes suggested trip itineraries based on your location, difficulty or style preference, trail profiles, network maps, blogs, videos, photos and bike-friendly business listings. It’s become a resource for local riders and trip planners alike.

Mountain Bike Atlantic Volunteers
Some of the local volunteers that helped us throughout our trail visits across Atlantic Canada. Thank you!

Seeing this brand and initiative bring people together from all over our region to collaborate and build momentum for this sport has been amazing. We’re stoked to be along for the ride!

Dose helped us capture the unique landscape and the authentic riding culture in Atlantic Canada. Always professional, the team is also fun to be around. The high caliber of imagery and videography on our website has helped Mountain Bike Atlantic stand out.

Project Numbers

    Broken Bike Frames 
    KMs chasing riders through the woods 
    Local riders helped bring this to life! 

To put this project in perspective. For Tim, working on a Mountain Bike brand is the equivalent to Jay-z walking in the door and asking Matt to create his album artwork.

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