Let‘s make some magic

About Us

Working with DOSE is a cheat code. It’s the design equivalent of the super mushroom in Mario that makes you grow twice the size as the default setting. We provide the power-up your project needs by obsessing over great design. We strive to deliver world-class work through a pain-free process, which always includes emails using far too many exclamation marks and 1-on-1 interactions that always include treats of some kind.

  • Tim Foster

    Tim is a wizard, less dungeons and dragons and more online user experience wizard though. Over the previous 12 years he’s worked with a pile of companies, globally and locally, to create mega cool brands and online experiences. His experience has run the gamut from small print shop to design lead and art director with various tech start ups. To say he has seen it all would be spot on. Tim is as diligent with his organization as the Halifax Public Library is with their filing system. No book, or in Tim’s case, project file, is ever out of place. He’s been around the world (insert joke about rapper Mase and Puff Daddy here) with his work and prioritizes personal travel as much as possible with his lovely lady Lindsay. He can carve a berm on his bike with the best of them, and legend has it Sid learned everything he knows about being strong on the boards from Tim.

  • Matthew Smith

    Matt has the ability to make eating a Reese’s feel like a religious awakening. To say he is excitable would be a grievous understatement. His infectious positivity and energy is harnessed in every project he touches. Be it in the real estate sector or the alcohol realm, you’re always getting the best Matt. Most of what he knows and learned comes from rap music, where the art of hustling and an emphasis on hard work is ever present. He’s designed everything from an award-winning album cover for Classified to a branding system for Canadian retail giant Cadillac Fairview. He’s never said it out loud but it’s pretty obvious he’s on a mission to make ‘awesome’ the word of the century according to the Oxford dictionary. Before you know it, he’ll be photoshopping your face into scenarios that are guaranteed to inspire more than a few laughs. Just you wait and see.