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KNOSIS Energy + Nootropics

The Ask

Erik Bywater, former weight lifting stud is pursuing his latest challenge – Creating a nootropic supplement drink for Esports. Yes, yes you read that correctly. A supplement beverage for people who play video games.

Dose was brought on board to bring his vision to life.


The Analysis

Over the last decade, Esports has blown up, so much that you’ll hear rumours of the possibility of Olympic participation someday.  Look no further than popular streaming networks like Twitch, it is inundated with countless streams with millions of viewers logging in to see their favourite Esport athletes duking it out around the clock.

We’re at the tip of the iceberg in possibilities with this new vertical and Erik saw an opportunity. Working with a team of chemists, Knosis has created a formula that will enhance gamers’ ability to focus for long periods of time. It has many benefits including reducing eye fatigue during long exposure to blue light and increases your cognitive abilities. The market hasn’t seen anything like this yet!

We took a stroll through our local GNC to get some inspiration from other supplement brands in the market. We wanted to pull some of their best qualities while straying away from the macho, beat your chest, carbon fibre, terminator look that a lot of them tend to adhere to. We wanted to create a fusion of David’s Tea meets Call of Duty. The brand is a bit edgy and badass, while also coming across as strikingly reliable and simple to use.

Stoked about our logo! That’s the one that will set us apart from the rest and put roots down in the gaming industry!

– Erik Bywater, Knosis

The Cure

Erik has a ton of energy, is super passionate while also being very creative and approachable. It’s a great mix for collaboration. Our early jam sessions over the style scapes were extremely beneficial during the creative process. His input and ability to push back just the right amount got us into a spot we were all stoked to forge ahead with.

The two boards we landed on had a lot of similar qualities while also being very distinguishable from one another. The second option was a very dark, edgy art direction with tons of grit and attitude, while the first one had a lot of the same boldness, but being slightly more clean and professional looking. We opted for the latter, choosing a creative direction that leaned heavily on a simple colour palette as a key identifier for the brand. Like Coca Cola red, the Knosis Orange colour quickly became synonymous with this brand.

It’s weird, but in a good way.

The logo is a big, bulky, chunky, edgy, whacky off-kilter ‘K’. It had all the right qualities to symbolize what he was going for, especially when you see it in situation on the product. The ‘K’ commands your attention while the beautiful white space around it gives it a sense of reliability and trustworthiness you only find in very confident brands. It’s a logo that will work well on packaging, while also looking super fly on swag. It’s weird, but in a good way.

The packaging was a beast on its own. Laying out a quadrillion words of fine print on a package that stands only 4 inches tall and has to look like it came from the circular headquarters in Cupertino – It ain’t an easy task. We got er’ done though! Lots of revisions, many screen shares, a topped up swear jar, and boom! A kickass container of the best nootropic gamer beverage on Earth. When you hold the package it’s evident what we were going for, it’s almost like Froot Loops in a MacBook box. It looks delicious but clean.

His product hit the market summer of 2020 and is already a hit in the gaming community. Have a sip and go pwn some noobs.

Knosis Packaging from Dose Media on Vimeo.


I was at a meeting with Maritime Labels this morning and once I name dropped Dose as the design team on it, they were way more excited to help me 🙂

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it’s almost like Froot Loops in a MacBook box. It looks delicious but clean.

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