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Breton Brewing Website

Breton Brewing Website

The Ask

The Cape Breton born Breton Brewing has flourished into one of the biggest players in the craft brewing scene on the East Coast, but their website was in need of a serious refresh. Breton brought Dose in to help define the goals of their website and strategize how we could evolve it into a tool they can leverage every day to share their story and connect with their customers.

The Analysis

As Breton Brewing continued to add new beers to their lineup, host more events, and distribute their beer across the East Coast of Canada, they quickly realized they needed a new platform to support these efforts. We wanted to give customers an easy-to-use portal to learn about their history, find out what’s happening at the brewery day-to-day, and to stay stoked for the next batch.

We dug into their site’s user data to uncover any nuggets that their customers may have left for us, to help steer the direction, the strategy, and how we could prioritize information on the site. Comparing this data with the goals of the team, we had what we needed to shape the user experience and build out a prototype to strength test the layouts and ensure we were ticking off all the boxes.

Some behind the scenes time-lapse footage of the wireframes evolving into the finished user interface. In this video you will see a lot of different programs and mediums utlized to make this come together, including Adobe Xd, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and some old school brush and paint.

The flow of the project was excellent. Tim and his team at Dose Media met all our needs in a timely manner, and the results speak for themselves.Bryan MacDonald, Breton Brewing Co.

The Cure

The new site focuses heavily on sharing the day-to-day happenings at the brewery, whether it’s a new beer on tap, live music, or a food pop-up. We reinforce these initiatives by providing the back story on how Breton Brewing came to be, the people, and the community behind the brand. And of course, make it easy for you to find where you can pick up a cold pint of Breton Brewing no matter where you are on the East Coast.

The design is a versatile system that will be able to accommodate changes within their beer lineup, new photography, video, store items and content over time without dating itself. The overall aesthetic has a warm, welcoming, crafted Cape Breton feel just like their taproom.

Check it out –

Dose Media was a pleasure to work with. They built us a custom professional website that we are proud to showcase to our current customers in the Maritimes and future customers in new markets. We highly recommend Dose Media for your creative and branding needs!

Project Numbers

    Brushed textures 
    Pints consumed (shhh!) 
    Unique layouts 

This was a huge and necessary upgrade for the Breton website. We’re super proud of this collaboration and the results.

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