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Andy’s East Coast Kitchen

Andy’s East Coast Kitchen


After an epic finale, Dartmouth’s Andy Hay finished 2nd place in season 5 of CTV’s MasterChef Canada. Andy is a seasoned entrepreneur with a varied background in technology, sales, and food. After filming the show, Andy approached us to talk about his experience, and about how we could harness the platform to lay the foundation for his new venture. He had a really solid grasp on what he needed to do; it was just a matter of figuring out the best way to execute his vision, bring it to life, and set him up for long-term success.


Sneaky professional. When working with the Dose team you feel like you are just hanging out with friends. Super relaxed, comfortable, chill, and then BOOM you suddenly have a world-class brand built by two of the best in the business.

Andy Hay

The Process

We’re blessed with an abundance of natural resources for foraging unique flavours that are true to the East Coast. The lifestyle is relaxed; we know how to work hard as well as play hard. The region is known for its rich history, storytelling, and incredible hospitality. We quietly have one of the most unique and cravable culinary scenes that will leave you wanting more.

Andy is a well-spoken and easy going dude that embodies all of the qualities of an East Coaster. He has a remarkable ability to inject flavours from his travels into traditional East Coast dishes and bring them to life in his unique way, whether it’s in the kitchen or over a campfire.

We needed to capture all of this to make it a success. The brand needed to be fun, adventurous, crafty, and approachable just like the East Coast. Every piece of the brand was necessary to tell a story and make it feel like it was born here.

For first steps, we needed to refine the name, define short and long-term goals, and determine how we could set this brand up to live and breathe in any medium. It was crucial that this brand could excel in traditional collateral, apparel, social media, online, and in video.


The Cure

We built a family of icons reminiscent of old-school cub scout patches that Andy can sew on his cooking attire or swag, use as a watermark on social photos, inject into video content, and apply to any blog posts online.

The parent crest is a nod to the East Coast cooking on an outdoor fire. The supporting icons don’t take themselves too seriously, just like East Coasters. Whether it be the Pizza Axe or the Paddle Bones, each illustration is a fusion of food, nature, and humour.   

Andy’s website was built to capture an audience of both passionate MasterChef followers and fans of East Coast food. This is an audience that Andy can market toward well after the show is over, enabling them to join him on this new journey into the culinary world.

Content drives the entire website. It’s a platform for Andy to share his stories of East Coast cooking through video, blog posts, and personal recipes that fans can take a crack at.

This brand has set Andy up with a platform to share his new journey with the world, and we can’t wait to see where he goes!

One of the most refreshing and rewarding experiences I have gone through in my professional life. I honestly can’t say enough about how positive of an experience this was for my family and me.

Project Numbers

    Denim jackets in Andy's closet 
    Project high fives 
    ECK icons 

Andy sure knows how to rock a Canadian Tuxedo… all denim, all the time. Good thing his food is incredible!

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