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High Tide Wealth Management

High Tide Wealth Management

The Ask

High Tide was in need of a brand refresh. They were changing locations to a snazzy new space across the water and wanted to inject some new life into their culture. The wealth management industry can be very fickle at times, it was crucial as we went through this process that the changing of the guard didn’t come as a major culture shock to their existing clients.


The Analysis

We led this project with a giant questionnaire. This business has been in the family for 2 generations now and it was important to Us that as we forged ahead we crafted something that at the very least contained subtle nods to their history and growth.

We gained great insights in the early stages into how we could carve out a fresh lane in the market while maintaining a sense of experience and knowledge. 

Competitors across the board tended to play things very conservatively, and similar to one another. In fact, in one of our first meetings, we had the client squint their eyes at a collage of their contemporaries work and they couldn’t even tell who was who.

We made it our mission to build a brand that spoke the rich opulent lingo while feeling kick ass too.

The Cure

Hundreds of names were paired down to five. Dozens of moodboards were crafted and paired down the same. We landed at High Tide Wealth Management. It was the safest option but one they were comfortable making the transition to. It spoke to the east coast region which birthed their company and would be welcomed with open arms by their long-standing clients. 

Upon the name approval, we were able to shift our focus into crafting a beautiful visual aesthetic that would weave its way through their collateral, website and office space.

An elegant simple square houses rippling lines reminiscent of the sea floor and tidal currents was the winning design. The soothing shape is contrasted by a premium typeface, together working in harmony to create a brand that felt well established and creative at the same time.

The entire colour palette found throughout their brand world is truly inspired by The Maritimes. We even had the icon embossed in copper foil as a nod to the sunken treasures off our coastline.

High Tide Wealth Management is now armed with an all-new toolkit to complement the work they do so well. Their existing customer base has a newfound sense of confidence seeing fresh life being infused into the entity they trust in growing their assets.

They also have the ability to garner new clientele online, with a spanking new website to help position them as the leaders of the new school.

Creatively driven, they know when to push you to see something new, while remaining 100% devoted to your vision. We enjoyed their relaxed approach while maintaining a professional structure. I would recommend them both as great contributors to your brand.

Project Numbers

  • Darkest blue we've used 
  • Rejected colours swatches  

This project definitely set the record for hardest time locking in Pantone swatches but damn are we ever happy with the end result!

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