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Delicious Brains

Delicious Brains

The Ask

Delicious Brains makes super awesome plugins for WordPress. Chances are if you develop on WordPress you’re familiar with their products and your life is easier for it.

When Brad approached us to have a look at branding their plugins, we were naturally excited about the challenge. We were going to tackle both WP Migrate DB Pro and WP Offload S3 at the same time, so we needed to find a consistent way to execute both that could also have enough legs to build on whatever the DBI crew came up with down the road.

It’s no secret that predominantly developers created what’s on the WordPress plugin market. While some companies have been satisfied with minimal investment in design, there was an opportunity to make the Delicious Brains products stand out. It’s often the case that bugs, feature requests, and support take precedence over design and marketing, but those who did invest in branding, definitely stand out.

The Plugins

WP Migrate DB Pro is simple, clean and elegant. It turns a hairy migration process into a sleek and graceful workflow.

WP Offload S3 is fast and powerful. Makes it easier to speed up your website by offloading images to the cloud.



The Process

Since we were creating two logos simultaneously, we needed to ensure we nailed down the art direction before diving in. We kicked started the process by pulling together 5 Directions; breaking down the style with mood boards and messaging. The client selected two directions; Stories and Symbols. Now the fun part, we took these away and starting the ideation process – brainstorming, sketching and testing. Once we had two concepts we were excited about it was time to bring them to life.

We had a set of goals always in the back of our minds as we built out both concepts:

  • Create consistency between the Delicious Brains plugins.
  • Be seen as thought leaders. (Delicious Brains has a top-rated blog that developers frequent)
  • Build off the equity of the current branding. The imagery, colours and the parent brand (Delicious Brains).
  • Boost the parent brand recognition. It’s such a fun brand, and it needed to be more than a footnote on their products.
  • Standout against the competition.
  • Create something awesome that is unlike anything else in the WordPress market.



The Cure

The final branding is an iconic visual built from the foundation of the Delicious Brains parent identity.

The logos are made of simple geometric shapes that come together to create small illustrations that tell the story of each plugin’s function and purpose.

The expansion of the parent Delicious Brains brand world helps create a consistent visual language between their plugins. No matter where you see a Delicious Brains plugin, you will know who created them.




Dose was awesome to deal with and they came up with some rad concepts for our new branding.

Project Numbers

    Different heads drawn 
    Fire comments from Matt 
    Hype level 

Why don’t we make these burst out of the back of the Delicious Brains head!!?

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