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Ackee – Uncover the insights to driving customer happiness

Ackee – Uncover the insights to driving customer happiness

Working with tech startups is something that we at Dose hold dear to our hearts. Daniel Allen from Ackee approached us with an incredible piece of software that needed a brand world wrapped around it. In a nutshell, this application takes a bunch of crazy, confusing, data and spits out easy-to-understand analytics to drive customer success. Our mission was to build something that felt fun, fresh and approachable while also infusing a little bit of his backstory as a strapping young lad from Jamaica.


Back 2 Basic

Ackee is built with simple plug and go mechanics. Its purpose is to give you better data to set you up for success. Direction 1 does exactly that. It portrays an image of simplicity by using shapes reminiscent of elementary school but with a refinement that gives you the confidence you are using a top-notch product.

All Sides

Ackee software has a lot to offer. A robust solution that makes complex data feel simple and efficient. Option two demonstrates the complexity of the software in a fun, easy way.




If Ackee is implemented properly, it arms businesses with the tools needed to make the customer journey seamless and hiccup-free. The connected letters woven together represent a cohesive package where the business is connected to the consumer and the process is simple and easy to follow.


Tim and Matt helped bring my brand to life while working on my project. They’re the perfect pair of professionals – detail-oriented, accessible, and producers of top-quality work. I’d highly recommend Dose Media to anyone seeking their services.