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The Ask

ScreenScape aims to make every visit count with their digital signage platform. Their product is an all-in-one solution for boosting customer and employee-facing visual communication. After over a decade in the market and huge technical leaps forward ScreenScape was ready for a refresh that would better reflect where their product is today.

The Analysis

The solution that ScreenScape has delivered is extremely simple, it was time to present it as such. After years of developing the product and market readiness, Mark and his team knew how they needed to reach their clients. It was time to rethink how the brand was presented, and ensure consistency rippled through every touchpoint from buying to setup to the ongoing management.

Quality customer experiences is what drives the ScreenScape product. It was essential that we showcase the successes of their clients, the brands that trust their solution, and embed online reviews into the core of their messaging for validation.

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It was time to analyze everything from the website down to the icon and ensure it was given the same level of attention and polish that their product achieves. They needed a fresh bank of media assets that reflected their product in the market and real use cases that could be updated to showcase any innovations in the media manager and customer experience.

They needed a better system that would take the guesswork out of their brands’ presentation.

We love the new design and the assets they developed for us are easy to use in all our marketing materials.

– Holly Noel, ScreenScape Networks Inc.

The Cure

Simplicity in the design, the messaging and website needed to align with the product’s promise. Expanding the visual language behind the brand by adding new colours, shapes, product illustrations and photography would give us the tools we needed to ensure that consistency was achieved across the board.

The art direction is a very minimal approach that focuses on the product benefits. Every photo, illustration or product element strips away the excess. The component-driven design makes it easy to update messaging and spin up new pages that feel cohesive with the rest of the website quickly without any coding knowledge.

Known for superior customer care, they take a lot of pride in their ability to work one-on-one with clients to solve their digital signage challenges. The new site makes it easy to purchase the product online or connect with their sales support to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need. Enhancements to the online store should reduce support time throughout the sales process and site visitors are already staying longer.

Project Numbers

    Big acquisition after launch 
    Locations photographed 
    working with ScreenScape 

Congrats to the fine folks at ScreenScape on their acquisition!

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