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And what a year it was.

And what a year it was.

So there it goes, our first year in business together. It came and went in the blink of an eye, as all things seem to do these days. If I thought 7 years ago when we first met at the agency we were working with at the time, that we would be crushing projects together and running our own shop today, I would have laughed. We were an unlikely duo back then, but looking at the creative industry in general, it’s usually best to build teams out of people who think differently. Teams who’s skill sets and tactics don’t overlap much allows for a wider cast of the net.

Last October we bumped into each other at Starbucks one day in the most serendipitous way imaginable. We had a bevy together and realized we were both in similar positions – wanting to have more control and creative freedom to express ourselves. A month later Dose was born. We created this shop as a means to offer clients a small team that can deliver big results. We don’t carry the overhead of your typical agency, while having the exact same Rolodex. We pull our partners on a job to job basis, allowing us to harness great client relationships ourselves and giving way for the opportunity to better collaborate around the boardroom table (*couch and beer).

We measure the success in 3 ways.

1 – At our dinner tables, is there feta cheese in our salads?

2 – Are our clients high fiving us when the jobs are delivered?

3 – Is Tim smiling ? (Matt always smiles)

The answer to all 3 is without a doubt YES. In fact, typically our meetings end with hugs and mafia style cheek kisses.

In all seriousness, this has been a phenomenal year. We’re doing the work we love to do and sitting at our desks creating stellar brands for our clients.

Here are few of our personal favourite brands we’ve help build in the last year.