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Giant Billboard

Giant Billboard

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Breton Brewing on their very first billboard. They wanted to showcase the popular Black Angus IPA – a beer inspired by the largest natural giant to ever live; Angus MacAskill. We had a blast setting up this mini-scene to showcase their colossal beer.

With every piece we create we do our best to add a level of craft and storytelling. We put together a small time-lapse video to try and capture as much of this build as we could. Everything from the materials sourced for the scene, capturing it, bringing it into Photoshop and integrating some stock elements, layering, colouring, lighting, and finally moving into InDesign for the final layout and output. This job was an absolute blast to work on; kudos goes out to the Breton Brewing team for letting us run wild with it again.

Breton Brewing - Black Angus IPA billboard

Breton Brewing Billboard from Dose Media on Vimeo.