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Branding East River Outfitters

Branding East River Outfitters

It was such a blast working with the team over at East River Outfitters. They’re genuinely great people who are making a conscious effort to give back to their community while enjoying the sport they love, outdoors. From the get-go we were on the same page, the brand examples they shared fell right in line with our thinking and helped steer the overall art direction.

We were tasked with giving their brand a fresh face; something that felt authentic, like it was born outside and could pop off the fabrics across their entire product line. We built a system that could work with the parent brand East River Outfitters, but could also be applied to their child brands like Dickies Brook and add consistency across the board.

Here are a few pieces from the project:

If you’re out on the river, keep an eye out for the orange patch. Cast-away! 🎣